Whiskey Tasting with Westward Whiskey

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Westward Whiskey 🥃
Whiskey of the elements, Westward has created an American whiskey unlike any other, forged from the richness of the Northwest.
Tasting Notes
Nose: Stewed dark berries, vanilla rice pudding and some maple syrup, with crunchy orchard fruits.
Palate: Cigar box and spicy oak, leading into barley sugar, biscuity malt and spiced apple.
Finish: Melted dark chocolate appears alongside brown sugar and a pinch of tobacco.
Thank you for participating in our Westward Whiskey Tasting by Moonshine Spirits at S-Liquor BKK3 St. 310 last Friday.
It was a great experience to cooperate with you during the event.
We appreciate the information, time, and service given for this event. Our attendees and staff experienced a great event with the help of your hand.
See you at our next event! Cheers!🥂

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